4 Tips to Avoid Facebook Follies!

I recently saw a colleague post to Facebook that he revamped his company Facebook page.  He was asking for feedback about the changes he made. As a typical woman who loves to share her opinion, I immediately clicked on the page. He is a well known professional in his area and I was interested to see what he was up to.

After doing a bit of perusing, I saw a few classic Facebook mistakes I see quite often. In fact, I see them everyday. So to save you time and hopefully earn you money, I’ll share typical Facebook follies.

1. Facebook now allows your phone number and website address in the banner. Why wouldn’t you include this very important information? Don’t lose a potential client because you didn’t post your digits. Learn more about Facebook graphic guidelines here.

2. Make sure your profile picture is cropped correctly. What does that mean? Users need to see your face. Not you waterskiing or your pet hamster. Not sure if it looks right, ask a friend (preferably an opinionated one like me!) to check it out.

3. If you sell real estate your listings should be on your Facebook page. While you don’t want to inundate people with the “Buy! Buy! Buy!” messages, you do want to add a tab with this information. Not sure how to add or use tabs? No problem, we can help!

4. Remember to post regularly. Clients want you to be their eyes and ears of the real estate world. Sharing an article or posting an interesting tidbit shows you are expert. A quick post can be the difference between a sale and a lost sale.

We love to hear your feedback! Do you have a great Facebook experience you want to share? We would love to hear it! Simply post a comment below.

Feeling a little Facebook frightened? Have no fear! We can help you use Facebook to promote and grow your business!

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