Are You an Internet Innovator

Are You an Internet Innovator?

If you had the option between having a prescription filled for an antibiotic, or having 300 leeches cling to your body and suck the infection out of you, which would you choose?

Most people would choose the antibiotic because using leeches is regarded as a fairly antiquated therapy for treating the ill. And because leeches are slimy and gross and something out of a nightmare.

And yet, how many real estate agents are using old channels of communication to sign on new clients? Are you still depending on email, phone calls, tin cans or smoke signals to connect with your website visitors? Why not increase your odds of connecting with Cyber Chat?

Cyber Chat…what the heck is that?

Cyber Chat is a simple widget installed on your website that lets visitors engage with you in real time and… if you like, it even lets you reach out to your visitors. All from your smart phone.

Here are seven reasons Internet Innovators are adding Cyber Chat to their sites and why you need to get in the game now!

1. Cyber Chat Delivers Instant Gratification

As a society, we have become used to having it our way and getting it now. Hungry? For most of us there’s at least 15 fast food joints within a 5-mile radius. For those of us who feel that is still too long of a wait you can have a Hot Pocket heated and eaten in under 6 minutes. Had one too many cocktails? Uber can pick you up and drive you home in less than 5 minutes. Need information? Google will get you the answer in seconds!

When a potential client is on your site with a question about a property, they want the answer right then and there. They don’t want to, and typically won’t, wait to get it either. Be their Google and give them the answer ASAP!

2. Cyber Chat Offers Privacy/Anonymity

Many people have personal questions and it’s way less intimidating to ask those by chat than email, phone or, heaven forbid, in person. Maybe they just want to know about the neighborhood or have questions about local taxes. Asking those questions via chat can be done without signing up for a newsletter or committing to a callback. More importantly, it gives you an opportunity to prove that you are an expert who is ready to jump in and help them. When they are ready to take the next step and share their phone number or an email address, guess who they’ll share it with?

3. Cyber Chat Shows You are a Real Live Person

Let’s face facts. People buy and sell houses with people they know and like. And there’s a boatload of people that don’t know you (yet). Cyber Chat lets you connect without commitment, which many people like. It’s a way to test the waters and see who is on the other side of your site.

It’s sort of like the old fashioned blind dates some of us went on versus today’s online dating. Back then, you didn’t know who was going to walk through that door. Today’s online dating sites like Match allow you to see pictures and even videos of guys and gals, so you can ensure your date doesn’t bear a striking resemblance to your grandfather or ex.

Using a realtor website can feel impersonal. But adding live chat adds a friendly experience that customers appreciate.

4. Cyber Chat is Convenient for Customers

Not only can clients easily multitask while waiting, they avoid the pain of dialing and having to leave a number or worse, navigate through a maze of numeric options, all of which must be “listened to carefully as the options have changed”.

5. Cyber Chat Gives You an Edge Over Your Competition

Visitor are looking for something quick and easy and live chat is that!
Providing convenient service with quality information through live chat support helps strengthen your customer relationships and your business.

6. Cyber Chat Allows You to Connect

One of the things that surprised me most was the number of people that were more than happy to give their name, email and phone number after just a few brief (yet engaging) chat messages.

It generally doesn’t take long for new people to feel comfortable with each other. You will be amazed and delighted like I was to see how little you have to put in and how much you’ll get out with Cyber Chat.

7. Cyber Chat Converts!

Generally, only a small percentage of your visitors will email or call you, especially on their first visit to your site. However, Cyber Chat is very low on the commitment scale and often, visitors that would normally bounce from your site will reach out via chat and allow you to engage with them in real-time!

Not convinced? Here are 3 objections we’ve heard and why we believe they are just not true.

# 1 I don’t want to be tied to my desk…

Neither do we! Cyber Chat can be accessed via your smart phone. You can set regular hours when you (or your support staff) are available. AND… if an important meeting comes up you can temporarily turn it off from the convenience of your phone.

# 2 People looking for real estate don’t want to chat…

Uhhhh, actually they do. It’s a quick and easy way for visitors to get the info they need with low commitment. Here are some samples of questions asked via chat on some of Cyber Kazoos clients’ webpages:

“I would like some info on this property. What are the monthly fees and is there a pool?”

“Can you tell me if barrier reef offers the rental pool and how does that work please?”

“I would like to know the realistic cost of a nicely constructed 3-bedroom, 3-bath house on the beach and are there any pre-builds available?”

Can you send me info on the amount to make a booking? What is the first down payment and expected delivery date? Also, can I get a map of the new phase where the suite is located?”

#3 I already have too many tools to manage…

Keeping up with the market means meeting customers where they are. Because some customers prefer to call, you have a business line and a cell phone. It would be absurd not to. The chat tool is becoming a market standard. People expect to be able to talk with someone using only their fingertips, and if you aren’t available, they will often use those same fingertips to wander elsewhere.