Are You Counting Bunnies or Making Money?

Are You Counting Bunnies or Making Money?

Are You Counting Bunnies or Making Money?

I’m always amazed at the different outlooks my clients have.

Some of them get only 15-20 leads a month yet are thrilled. They treat each lead as though they were a Hollywood A-lister and end up helping a good percentage of them buy or sell their homes.

Other clients in the same (or similar) markets call us complaining that they only get 100 leads per month and none of them are closing.

So what’s going on here? Why such a difference?

I think I found the answer on my morning walk. I think those that are not closing as many of their prospects might be “Counting Bunnies”!

Huhh? What the heck does counting bunnies have to do with selling real estate?

Let me explain…

I just moved to a new neighborhood that is next to a Phoenix Mountain Preserve (who knew Phoenix had mountains). Much to my amusement I started seeing bunnies as I hauled my not exactly playgirl bunny buns up North Mountain at 6 am. Every morning for the first few weeks I would notice 3 or 4 bunnies going about the hard work of being bunnies. Hopping, sniffing and chewing – a whole lot of chewing.

I loved watching their antics and making up stories about their bunny lives. There was this one bunny that had part of his ear missing and I made up this detailed scenario for how he had lost it. I won’t tell you the whole story here, but the highlights include a cruise ship, a bottle of Johnny Walker black, and a one-eyed monkey with a fear of rabbits.

Hey, remember, it’s 6 am, I am caffeine-deficient and my brain in not yet fully functional. Speculating on the secret lives of bunnies is about the best I can do. Anyway the point is, I was totally happy and into seeing a few bunnies on my walks.

So one morning, a man was coming down the mountain as I was huffing and puffing my way up and he said, “Sure are lots of bunnies this time of year.” “Yep,” I replied, “I see 3 or 4 every day.”

There are Dozens of Bunnies on the Mountain

He looked at me like I had just belched out “Here Comes the Bride” “3 or 4? Girl, there are dozens. You just have to look for them.”

He couldn’t be right. Dozens? Really? “OK,” I thought, “I guess I better start counting bunnies.”

So I did, and he was right. I counted 27 in no time at all. Not too bad for a newly-transplanted beach bum.

However, I soon noticed I wasn’t having any fun like I used to. I wasn’t enjoying the bunny in front of me, because I was too busy looking several bunny blocks ahead for the next bunny. Hoping that he had a beautiful bunny wife and 6 bounding bunny-ettes. Cause after all, now my focus was on counting bunnies. Not on appreciating and making the most of the bunnies right in front of me.

Connecting – it’s not just for Velcro

And that’s when it hit me. The agents that treat every lead like they’re the Queen of England are taking the time to truly connect with people and, as a result, are turning a good many of those leads into clients.

The agents that are always on the hunt for the next 10 hot leads (who by the way need to pay cash or be prequalified) are connecting with their personal idea of success, not actual people, and are losing out big time.

So, if you are one of the agents that fully engage with EVERY lead, hop on!

If, however, you are always on the lookout for the next hot lead, now might be the time to stop counting bunnies and start making money!