Is Your Business Brand Better than $ex?

That was an intentional typo. Yep. Totally on purpose.

Had I asked if your business brand is better than sex, your spam filters would have gone ballistic and this email would be sitting in your trash.

So what the heck does sex have to do with your business brand?

EVERYTHING!  It’s how you SELL. A sexy (fun, unexpected, alluring) online brand is your ticket to Point2 Cyber Success.

Trust me.

For plus or minus 25 years, I have used the same brand of mascara. And yet, after all this time, I can never remember what brand it is. I go into the store and stare blankly at the multitude of brands in an effort to remember:  Maybe it’s Maybelline? Is it Loreal I love? Or is it Cover Girl that has my lashes covered?

What’s worse is that every brand looks more or less the same: gray case, gold top – packages full of empty promises. Yet I like my brand enough that I’m willing to spend 10-15 precious minutes looking for that name-forgetting magic formula that makes me love my lashes.

So, one day, I found myself in the mall. (I would rather have a root canal without Novocain.) There I was, buying a Christmas present for my soon-to-be daughter- in-law, and as I approached the checkout – what did I see? A brand of mascara I have never seen before. Its name? “Better than Sex.” Yep. Right there in the middle of Macy’s was a mascara screaming for (and getting) my fullest attention.


It was unexpected.

It was memorable.

It was certainly a WHOLE new way to think about longer lashes.

It was fun, energetic, a little bit gutsy and oh, so tantalizing.

And although I had to shell out more than I do for my generic drugstore brand, I decided to give it a shot.

Was it better? Maybe a little. What made it magical, however, was the novelty of its BRAND.

“Better than Sex” mascara! Now that’s what we call branding – creating something that identifies and differentiates YOU from all the rest. Your online brand is what gives you a major edge over your competition. Better than Sex? They nailed it!

Now, 4 months later, I am still a raving fan, eager for someone to notice my long lashes and ask what mascara I use. I anticipate the thrill of saying, “Oh? This? It’s ‘Better than Sex’!’”

So what about YOUR personal and business brand? Are you boring, predictable and utterly forgettable?  Or are you willing to step outside the box, color outside the lines and create a brand that has BLING?

I’m thinking that you could be A LOT more successful if you were.

You don’t need to be whack-a-doodle. But you do need to be memorable. Check out this site: It’s one of my favorites. For sure it is targeted toward a specific market. But it’s also memorable. It’s unexpected and energetic and a little bit gutsy. It’s a WHOLE new way to think about selling Real Estate.

Another one of my favorites is
, which I first discovered when I started in this industry 9 years ago. It’s interesting. It’s creative. It has nothing to do with Real Estate, but the brand is fresh, unexpected and totally memorable.

And that’s what makes an effective brand. You need to find a WHOLE new way to think about your business. Your brand needs to be energetic, a little bit gutsy and oh, so memorable. It needs to set you apart from your competition. And when it does, you’ve nailed it!