Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now? (7 Sure-fire Ways to Lose Leads and Sabotage Success)

Can You Hear Me Now?(7 Sure-fire Ways to Lose Leads and Sabotage Success)

Let’s get something straight. You are in the business of SALES. And when you’re in the business of sales, you are in the business of COMMUNICATION.

Yes, your Point2 site is unequaled in value in your search for leads. But once you find those leads, you need to communicate. You need to listen and respond appropriately, and you need more than a tin can walkie talkie to do so.

Sounds simple, right? Apparently not so much.

Let me explain:

I recently listed my home in Nevada. I had two over-asking offers in less than 48 hours. (Not that I’m bragging or anything). At the same time I needed to find a new home in Arizona.

These two events gave me the opportunity to interact with Real Estate Professionals on a completely different level than I am accustomed to. Suddenly I was a consumer, a lead, a client, a seller AND a buyer.

Wow! Did I ever learn a lot!

What I mostly learned is what NOT to do! l learned that getting leads to contact you is only the first step. What’s REALLY important is how you respond when they do.

So here, in no particular order, I offer you a synopsis of my recent, eye-opening education:

7 Surefire Ways to Lose Leads and Sabotage Success

#1 – Make sure your voice mail is totally dysfunctional.

Your choices for said voice mail dysfunction include not setting it up, having a generic “You have reached 555-555-1212” message, making sure your mail is full so a new lead cannot leave a message and/or making sure it is all about YOU with no inclination to find out what your prospect might want or need.

#2 – Make sure your message is TOTALLY blasé and noncommittal.

To turn off prospective sales, say things like “You have reached Joe Realtor. If you really want me to respond to this message, text or email me.”  Consider sending them the other half of the aforementioned homemade walkie talkie.

#3 – Give leads the impression that you are so busy you may not have time for them.

Consider telling leads that you will return their call at YOUR earliest convenience. Never say something as professional or polite as “Your call is important to me and I will return it as quickly as I can.”

#4 – Never set forth expectations for future communication.

Leave them guessing when (and if) you will return their call. You might include something like this: “Calls may or may not be answered, and if they are, it will be within the next few months.”

#5 – Leave callers who are excited about Real Estate in your area NOW with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Except, of course, to search out a different agent who is either available or has a solid system in place to respond NOW.

#6 – Refuse to text.

When a lead or client wants to text, be very firm in explaining that you don’t work that way.

#7 – Never advertise your bilingual capabilities.

Make sure your leads who speak another language feel as lost and confused as possible. Under no circumstances should you let your visitors know

you speak their language.

Surefire Ways to Convert Leads and Ensure Success

So what about the surefire ways to convert leads and make your way toward Cyber Success? Simple. Do the opposite of everything I just said.

Make sure your voice mail is working. Use your message to ENGAGE prospects. (We love the idea of including your website address. You could say, “For immediate access to listings in (Your Town Here) visit my website at

Let leads know that you care and that you will respond as quickly as possible. Consider a message that includes something like “Messages received after 7 pm will be returned no later than 10 am the following business day.” And, PLEASE, do not refuse to text. Yes. This really happens. However, there are a ton of folks out there that don’t want to talk. They want to text.

Finally, being bilingual is HUGE! If you are, let your visitors know ASAP. I recently called a business whose message said- in Spanish- “Please stay on the line to hear this message in Spanish.” How cool is that?

The bottom line here is that you need to communicate with your clients on THEIR terms- in whatever method they prefer. They are reaching out because they are excited about Real Estate. They are pulling out their wallets and asking YOU to show them the way. The least you can do is make it as easy for them as possible. The most surefire way to convert leads and ensure success is to be there when they need you!