September 2018 Cyber Kazoo Cyber Survey Results

Cyber SurveyA big thanks to everyone that took the time (an average of 6 minutes and 45 seconds) to fill out our Cyber Survey last month!

We’re asking questions because we know that internet marketing can be scary, stressful and sometimes unsuccessful and we are always looking for ways to make it fun, simple and most importantly profitable.

We want to have Cyber Kazoo clients say “Heck Yes! I love my internet marketing and I have a predictable and automated way to nurture my leads from timid tire kickers to confident contract signers!”

So we are asking questions. And boy oh boy did you give us answers!

Here are the highlights of what we uncovered in our Cyber Survey last month:

Leads per Week

Question: How many new leads do you get per week?


Ah Ha:

Cyber Kazoo dropped the ball! We needed to ask the question better!! Think about it… the person getting ZERO leads a week has a completely different perspective than the person getting almost 1 a day.

And in regards to the person getting more than 20 leads a week… now we all know what IS possible!

Your Top Source of Leads

Question: What is your TOP source of leads


Ah Ha:

Referrals are great and we want to keep them coming, however, our agents get 3 times more leads online than word of mouth.

How You’re Doing

Question:How well does your existing method for managing leads work?


Ah Ha:

66 percent of the people that ranked themselves as a 5 are using a professional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.

How You Nurture Leads

Question: What is your top method of managing and nurturing leads?


Ah Ha’s:

66 percent of the Real Estate Pros that ranked themselves as a 5 use a professional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. 40 percent of the agents that ranked themselves a 1 or a 2 use nothing. Seems clear to us – using a CRM means success!

And last but not least…  the best response (and biggest laugh) came from Greg Gunter from who said “Hmmm…I have more Buyers than I can effectively manage, I just manage by triage…” Thanks for being candid Greg! I owe you (another) glass of wine!

The MAJOR take away:

There has to be a better way! So stay tuned… it’s coming your way in 2019!

PS Want to share your voice and opinions? Take the October Cyber Survey