Data Driven Decisions

Data Driven Decisions

Executive Reports in Point2

One thing that Amazon has brought to the online marketplace is an huge collection of peer review. Their platform allows us to reference the experience of thousands of other shoppers when making a buying decision. This information often makes the difference in whether we go with the first search result, or scroll a bit farther and find something better suited to our needs.

If we are willing to do our due diligence when it comes to buying a coffee maker, shouldn’t we be that much more interested when it comes to making a business investment? Although real estate websites are not as easily summarized in five star reviews, there is still a lot of data that can be gathered and used to improve your site, increase your traffic and multiply your leads. This blog reviews some of the tools at your disposal within the Point2 platform and how to make data driven decisions a part of your strategy.

Executive Reports in Point2

Within your online office in Point2 there is a reporting section. The executive reports offer you detailed insights into your web site performance since over time. In this area you can see how many prospects your site generated this week, month or year. You can also track your progress in seasonal cycles so you can see how your changes and marketing efforts are affecting your traffic, lead generation and sales pipeline. Your website traffic, like your sales probably have a busy season and a slow season. If your website is functioning correctly, it should reflect this trend in the data.

By learning to navigate these tools, you can answer questions such as:

  • How am I doing this year compared to the same time last year?
  • How many leads am I generating on average per month?
  • Where are most of my leads coming from?
  • Am I benefitting from Point2 features such as Featured Listings, Featured Agents and Handshakes?

First, take a look at Web Stats and Comparisons. Here you can see how many total unique visits, page views, listing views, and prospects your site has manifested. In which ways are you doing well? In which ways would you like to improve?

Keep in mind that not every market is the same. Some destinations attract more traffic than others. The goal is to attract as many unique visits as possible, which will result in page views, listing views, prospects, and eventually leads.

Website Statistics and Comparisons

Featured Listing Reports are very useful if Point2Homes is one of the top ten sites in your area. For most realtors, this is a huge opportunity to get more exposure for your listings. Are you taking advantage of the featured listings included with your account? How are they performing? Which ones are performing best? Experiment with different strategies to achieve the best results.

Pro accounts come with 3 featured listings, and Elite accounts come with 20 listings. Interested in an upgrade? Let us help you upgrade your account and we’ll help you pick the best listings to feature for your area. These views and engagements can dramatically increase leads and the ranking of your website.

With a good photo you can charm people into wanting to work with you. Featured Agent Reports show how your profile is performing as a featured agent for an entire city, or a specific region. This is why a professional, quality picture matters. Just like with featured listings, the extra exposure does lead to more clicks, which will increase traffic, engagement and leads on your site.

Featured Listing Stats

The Listing Summary tool is summarizes how your what you have available and how people are interacting with it. We find that the virtual tours are quite popular so make sure you have enough images and genre neutral, atmospheric music that will provide a pleasant experience for your potential customers. You can also check how many active listings, rentals and pending sales that you have. Take a moment to make sure that these numbers match what you have in your inventory.

Are you playing well with others? Are your listings being seen on other sites? How many extra listings are on your site through handshake partners? Handshakes reflect how many other agents you are working with, how much exposure you are getting through partner websites, and how much exposure others are getting through your site.

Remember, people in the modern market are used to scrolling through Facebook, Amazon and many other websites. The more listings you have, the more likely you are to have something that catches their eye. Working with other agents in a great way to extend beyond the limitations of your own listings and build a broader stream of income.

Point2 Handshake

Buyer Drip Mail Campaigns summarize how your automated follow up emails are performing. In our experience we recommend customizing this feature, or not using it at all. Each automated email should feel personal and should invite the recipient to take a specific action such as coming back to the site or calling your office with any questions that they have.

And those are just the tools built into Point2. If you are really interested in information and taking your data game to the next level, you could always infuse your site with the holy grail of site metrics..

Google Analytics

As you’ve probably heard, Google Analytics offers a lot of information. Do you know what sites are referring traffic to yours? Which of your pages are performing the best? What devices and browsers are being used to access your site? All of these answers can be used to tweak and improve the user experience, which will improve your site performance over time.

Too Much Data? Would you like some Help?

With more information and expert assistance you can make data driven decisions to improve the effectiveness of your online presence and marketing investments. This is what we do. There are lots of steps that can be taken towards your goals, and taking them in the right order is important. We have helped many of our clients reach top status for their local markets over the years. We know how to collect and interpret the data and use it to your advantage. Call or Contact us today and let us help you take your site to the next level.