Don’t Write a Brilliant Blog!

Most real estate pros have been told that writing a brilliant blog will boost SEO, make you an “expert” in the market and bring you tons of buyers and sellers eagerly awaiting your every post.

So why would I, a self proclaimed real estate branding expert, have the audacity to advise you NOT to write a Brilliant Blog?

Because if you’re anything like me (and I suspect you may be) the drive to write a Brilliant Blog prevents you from writing any blog at all!

In the last 4 years I personally have written 20-30 brilliant blogs (in my head). Three actually made it to my Mac. But how many have I posted? Until today, that would be zero, zip, nada.


One blog that did manage to get from my brain to my laptop was called “Breaking Up is Easy to Do”. I wrote it after an acquaintance really ticked me off. I decided to take action. After virtually wiping my social world free of this person, I dedicated a blog to the process. It was both cathartic and had heaps of practical information on the mechanics needed to slash someone from your online social life.

So did I publish it?

Heck no! How could I begin my first foray into blogdom as such a Negative Nellie?

Another blog that bit the dust detailed the new and improved photo sizes from our prefered host Point2. In my opinion this was the single biggest improvement they had made in years. I was stoked! However by the time I  had dotted the i’s, crossed the t’s, spell checked and stalked “Grammar Girl” for two and a half weeks, my perfect post was old news. Everyone that cared already knew. Everyone that didn’t know, most likely didn’t care.

But for me the the biggest block of all was, “Once I write my Brilliant Blog where will I post it?” Living in web world, the online “container” for my blog needed to be cutting edge, filled with tags, clouds and a whole bunch of other stuff I knew very little about. I could not possibly post until the planets aligned and I produced picture perfect and properly punctuated prose!

So how’s that working for me?

Well, based on results, this is, after all, my first blog, I’d say not so well. But I’ve had a big ah-ha. Seems, “Perfectionism is the Leading Cause of Procrastination.

What about  you? Are you ready to give blogging a shot? Gather your thoughts, write them out and post them. Together we can be brash, brave, bubbly and possibly boring.

But we must begin.

So I’m jumping in head first. When you stumble upon the errors, and you will, in my blatantly NOT brilliant blog feel free to share, post, comment or even blast it/me.

You see, it’s not about writing a BRILLIANT blog. It’s simply about getting out of our heads, off of our butts and and being willing to post the Beginning Blog!

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