Gathering, Fishing, or Hunting for Leads

Why looking for internet real estate leads is like finding food in the forest!.

Basket Full of Berries

HunterGatherers spend most of their time simply filling their basket with yummy little nuggets like berries, nuts, roots and bark. Gathering doesn’t require much effort, but it provides a bit of sustenance. Think of it like healthy snack: it does the job but you still crave that Snickers bar full of high caloric nourishment.

Gathering in the real estate world is similar to the animal world in that the leads generated from gathering are quick and easy but they never quite satisfy. You stick your url at the bottom of your emails, on your business cards and on yard signs. Maybe you even post it occasionally on Facebook.

What you gather from these types of leads are folks already in your sphere of influence: people that know and love you, or friends of a friend of a friend. You simply pick them up and add them to your basket of leads. These peeps can make amazing clients; however these are clients you don’t necessarily need to hunt for.

They provide you with little bites to tide you over but never make you feel full.

Hook, Line and Waiting

Fishermen cast out their lines and may even place a few nets in the water. They diligently prepare their hooks with bait. They scout out the perfect place to catch the biggest fish. And they wait. And wait. And wait. Hoping some innocent guppy will grab onto their hook.

Real estate agents who fish for leads build a great website (or have one built). The website leads often come from visitors who stumble upon their site from random searches on Google, the occasional newsletter blast and (if they are lucky) links from the big boys known as Zillo, Truillo and Craigslist!

You may get a fair number of bites from these hooks dangling in the water. People that email or call, download listing details or use your mortgage calculator. However the challenging part about fishing is that you actually catch a very small percentage of visitors that bite and you are left waiting for these leads to come in.

So what’s the solution? Put away your fishing line and start hunting.

Hunting: Hit Your Mark Every Time

Hunters aim for specific targets and prepare their plan of attack to achieve results. Whether it’s deer, elk or dove, on opening day skilled hunters hit their mark and bring home the bacon (or venison)!

Hunting requires you to decide exactly what kind of client you want and go after them with focus and preparation. A hunter invests time, money or both to find, stalk and capture their target. You may be asking how. Some of the most successful Internet hunters use:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Content creation
  • Blogging
  • Consistent email marketing
  • Targeted search engine optimization
  • Google Pay Per Click
  • Text marketing
  • Pop up windows on their sites to capture more leads
  • And more…

These methods tend to bring in more qualified leads and result in higher conversions, which means more money (or meat) for you. Your tummy and your wallet will finally begin to fill!

What’s next?

If you aren’t doing anything to generate leads, start gathering. If you are already a good gatherer, begin fishing. And if you’ve been fishing, step it up and start going after the big game.

Happy Hunting!

PS Need help hunting? Give us a shout!

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