My husband is having a fling with a Phoenix REALTOR!

My husband, Wayne, is the first to admit he’s not exactly a technical guru! Heck, he just learned to use the ATM machine a few years ago (something I still wish I had never taught him).

However, it was the Internet that lead to his “fling” with REALTOR Rita (her name has been changed to protect all parties). It started out pretty innocently. We currently live in Las Vegas and plan to move to the Phoenix area next summer. Yes, you read that right, I said we are moving to Phoenix in the summer! In fact, we will most likely choose to do the actual move on the day it hits 117 degrees, however that’s a different blog post.

As the avid planner in our family, Wayne started his new home search early. I have no idea what he googled. Probably something along the lines of “Cheap townhouse in Phoenix, within walking distance of at least three bars.” His search must have taken him to a website that cleverly asked for his email information prior to showing him the listings. I don’t know exactly what information the site asked for, but the trusting soul that he is, he would willing provide his email address, home phone, cell phone, birthday, social security number and his mother’s maiden name to a complete stranger!

And so it began. Each morning when Wayne opened his inbox, an email from REALTOR Rita awaited him. He quickly scanned each and proceeded to show and tell me all the great homes his new friend REALTOR Rita found the night before.

This continued for about a month and Wayne became so impressed with REALTOR Rita! He could not believe she would take the time each evening to find homes just for him! When did she sleep? How did she know his needs so well? Of course I knew REALTOR Rita was one smart cookie and had set up an automatic search that sent my husband anything that remotely resembled what he was looking for.

So here is the deal. When it comes time to select a Phoenix REALTOR, Rita will most likely not get our business. Why? Because while my husband believes they are the perfect match, they never really connected because REALTOR Rita missed an important step in developing anything more than an online courtship.

Rita excels in sending out properties each morning to potential buyers. And she clearly excels in fooling my husband! And my guess is this relationship would continue this way for years! However, her dating style was not designed to be much more than a fling.

Imagine the conversation between the budding couple if she had simply picked up the phone and dialed his number. A little lip service from REALTOR Rita would have further developed their relationship as she asked questions about his lifestyle, interests and budget. She would have learned we are moving to Phoenix in eager anticipation of future grandbabies! Heck, we were in Phoenix last week and if Wayne’s newfound friend knew we were there, we could have really taken the relationship to the next level and met in person. But sadly, she did not send the right signals and therefore, she ended the fling before it began.

Why do I share my husband’s relationship woes? Because this simple lesson in love has a universal message: Relationships require tender love and care. And loving relationships mean sales. And sales are the goal of all REALTOR and client relationships, right? And who doesn’t want to fall in love?

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