Point2Homes en Español

The Writing is on the Wall

Point2Homes in Spanish

Point2Homes in Spanish!

Since I first discovered Point2 8 years ago, I’ve seen the “writing is on the wall.”

And now the writing is in Spanish, an idea bordering on brilliance!

With unlimited entry points – from Des Moines to Dubai – Point2 is and always has been an international platform with a worldwide audience of both agents and visitors.

So why get fenced in by language barriers?

With the introduction of Point2Homes in Spanish, your Point2 site can scale the wall of Cyber Success, reach more visitors and make more sales. You’ll be poised and waiting to welcome a stream of prospects with open arms.

How do you stop dreaming about Cyber Success and leap toward this massive opportunity?

Let’s take a look!

1. Make sure your listing descriptions are complete in English. (After all, it is the international language of business).

  • Don’t use abbreviations. A visitor will know what 2bed/2b means. The search engines will not.
  • Describe in WORDS what the photos show. A visitor can see the beautiful beach from the living room. Google can’t.
  • In addition to checking grammar and spelling, READ your content. We recently saw a “Two stores condo” for sale in Phoenix. Does that mean it has two stores selling two different products? I think not. Or another favorite was a “townhome boating 3 French doors” Does that mean there’s a lake in the middle of the living room? I think the word they were looking for was boasting!

2. Once your English version is polished, translate it into “proper” Spanish. Not fluent? No worries, you have options:

Whatever you do, do NOT use an online translator tool. It’s about 80% accurate, and the other 20% can be downright scary. A builder in Mazatlan once put up 20 billboards saying “Pleasure Yourself at the Mangled Tower.” I think they wanted to say Pleasant Living at the Mango Tower. Let’s just say “something” got lost in the translation!

3. Have at least one page on your site in Spanish. This can be a simple translation of your home page text (which, of course, is also very well written). Here’s an example:

WILL be: http://www.gloriapradorealty.com/

4. Extend all borders with a completely bilingual realty website! If companies like American Express, Starbucks and Apple think it’s important, you might want to follow their lead. Many of the best sites on the internet are completely bilingual, including a few on Point2. Check out www.CostaRicaHomes4Sales and www.WarrenBrander.com. These sites are 100% bilingual, and visitors control the language they prefer to use.

Gain Entry with Twice the Appeal!

It’s time to break through the language barrier and gain entry into a whole new way of doing business online.  With a bi-lingual Point2 site, you’ll cross over to a territory of more clients and more sales!  With your listings and website content in two languages you’ll appeal to a broader audience, compete for more keywords (English, Spanish, French or any additional language), and meet clients where they are.

After all, the more comfortable you make the Real Estate experience, the more comfortable and confident your clients will be, and, most importantly, the more they will want to do business with you. An investment in language is an investment in culture, in diversity and in the dignity of many of the people you will be working with.

The team at Cyber Kazoo is breaking down barriers to Cyber Success. We’re digging up as much information as possible about Internet Marketing and how to use the web to get real results for our clients.

So if you’re ready to stop knocking your head against the wall, we’re ready to show you all the amazing things we can do for you. Contact Us and see how with Point2Homes now in Spanish, your Cyber Success is just across the horizon.

I Get It! But I need Help!

If you’d rather spend your time showing selling homes, we get it. Translation, building new pages and research are not for everyone. That is why we exist. Cyber Kazoo offers professional translation from English to Spanish and vice versa, site maintenance, and many other Point2 website services. Let us manage your website, and you can focus on your clients and their real estate needs.