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No Pain: No Gain. You Have to Get off the Couch!

Real Estate Marketing

Let me share a story about two great men in my life. On the surface, it’s about spending time in the gym. In reality, it’s about spending time where it counts, especially when you’re talking about Real Estate Marketing on your Point2 website.

At 6 foot 4 inches and 240-some pounds, my son-in-law Tyler could have earned acclaim as a professional athlete. His talents and ambitions, however, tended toward figures and finance. So instead of seeking fame and fortune by going pro, he became a financial planner, investment specialist and money manager for business moguls, celebrities and – with a nod to what might have been-professional athletes.

This means he spends most of his time behind a desk swigging coffee and counting beans, which also means he struggles to maintain his former frat- boy figure.

That’s okay, though. He came up with a great solution.

Good Intentions

Each year about this time (most likely due to those pesky New Year’s resolutions we all spout), Tyler joins a gym. He pays his monthly dues and determines to get fit. After all, when you invest your hard-earned cash, you expect results. Right?

Not necessarily.

It seems there’s more to shaping up than swiping a credit card.

In contrast, my other daughter’s significant other, Jody (my significant-other-in-law) also pays for a gym membership. My guess is it’s super expensive because each visit comes with a personal trainer.

The question is this:  Does paying more guarantee better results?

Not at all.

Exceptional Outcomes

However, Jody gets WAY better results. And it’s not because he spends more. It’s because it turns out there’s more to getting fit than financing a membership to the gym. You actually have to GO to the gym and work out. You have to do the work- the squats, crunches and curls.

Yep, Jody, my significant-other-in-law, hits the gym 5 mornings a week at 5am!

Let’s just say he’s a man of steel. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

So what does all of this have to do with you and your website? Plenty!

A Workout for Cyber Success

You see, here at Cyber Kazoo we work with many clients – from Des Moines to Dubai. And while we give all our clients the same workout routine – i.e., the same framework for Cyber fitness – some sites are sleek, slim and super successful, some shape up with a medium amount of Cyber Success, and sadly, some never get off the couch.


Because you (Joe or Jane Realtor) have to do the squats, crunches and curls. You have to do some work!

“Work?” you ask. Yes, work! To bulk up your website, you have to exercise. Here’s how to leverage your Point2 website with these Real Estate Marketing tips. Learn how to work your website to attract more prospects. The time is now!

  • Enter your listings (and do it right). Not sure how? Sign up for our Listings 101 class.
  • Have great photos – Consider hiring a professional.
  • Price your properties right – If your prices are too high for your area, people are not going to be motivated to call you.
  • Feature your listings and yourself on With over 3.5 MILLION visits per month, you are sure to get some attention.
  • Keep your website current by adding new content. Not sure how or what to add? Check out our Make Google Go Gaga webinar for inspiration.
  • Blog. Yes, it’s a commitment (kind of like going to the gym). The thing is, blogs work, so you might as well work your blog! Check out our blog about blogging, our WordPress Blog and our Make Google Go Gaga webinar.
  • Engage your audience with email marketing. Use Constant Contact or Mailchimp to bring return traffic to your site. Remember Google loves repeat traffic!
  • Promote your Point2 website EVERYWHERE! Some agents fail at the basics, such as adding their website to their email, voicemail, business cards, yard signs and other marketing material.
  • Consider paid advertising on Google and or Facebook
  • Speaking of Facebook, engage! A lot! Post your listings. Also post photos of you and your clients looking at homes, closing homes and getting a drink to celebrate. Post community information including things to do, places to eat and Real Estate trends.
  • And, finally, make sure you link your Facebook and Point2 sites together so folks can look at listings without leaving your Facebook page!

Here’s the Point… and How This Applies to Real Estate Marketing

No pain, no gain; no work, no worth. You can’t just pay your membership fee and hope for the best. It’s all about going to the gym. Or, in this case, it’s all about Real Estate Marketing and working your website, blog and other outlets to their full potential. You have to get off the couch.

When you do, you’ll flex your cyber muscles and pull in more prospects. You’ll have a site that is sleek, slim and super successful!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer to perk up your website, contact us today!