I’m as Proud as Any New Momma Can Be

Meet John Ordonez and check out his first ever website video!

What John did right according to Jeff

  • Filmed at an amazing property.
  • Used a professional microphone. My personal fav (and the one that John used) is the
    Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones
    and is only $79 on Amazon.
  • Used a drone. Admit it guys…. We love drone footage! There’s something about a having or borrowing a toy that gets us excited and adds panoramic scope to a video project.

Kathy’s tips

  • Aim for good enough. Perfection is not necessary or even desirable. People want to work with people we can relate to, so if you make a small mistake it could be endearing!
  • If you can even remotely communicate in a second or third language strut your stuff. Again we are NOT aiming for perfection! The fact that you are brave enough to put yourself out there proves you are comfortable in uncomfortable situations, which is a quality I want in my international realtor.
  • Have fun! Your enthusiasm (or lack of it) will show.

Check out all the other cool features on John’s site at www.CostaRicaHomes4Sale.com

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