Get a Professional Personal Photo for Your Real Estate Website

Whoever said the camera never lies… may not have seen your personal website photo lately…

One of the biggest lies around is “The camera never lies!” But often, it does, especially when it comes to agents’ photos on real estate sites.

For some unknown reason, Real Estate Professionals often use photos of themselves taken 10 years ago, photoshopped to “erase” a few pounds, or were snapped by a tipsy friend at your least favorite cousin’s bachelor party in Cabo Wabo. See real examples of how bad it can be.

But why does this unfortunate phenomenon happen? Sadly, social media and online dating have tricked us into believing we should always look like we are having the time of our lives with as many friends around us as possible. While that persona helps us look cool to our long lost high school boyfriend, it doesn’t work for professional real estate websites.

The Realtors I know are above average in looks, often dress well, and have personalities that light up the room and make them a bit larger than life in person

So Please When It Comes to Your Agent Photo… Take Our Advice!

#1 Use a Professional Photographer!

Long gone are the days where price made hiring a professional photographer prohibitive. Check online sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook and Instagram to find a professional whose style you like and can make you look your best.

#2 Consider the lifestyle your clients find appealing in your area

If you sell property in a resort town, wearing a three-piece suit looks inauthentic. However, don’t wear a bathing suit either (and yes, we have seen this on more than one occasion).

Think about the type of clothing you would wear when meeting an important client for the first time and pick something similar.

#3 KISS (Keep it Simple Silly)

Keep both your clothes and the background super simple. Ideally, select one solid color for each. No Hawaiian print shirts and no busy backgrounds. The focus should be on you!

Dark haired people look great in white and on white backdrops! Light haired people do better with darker colors. And redheads… well, you can get by with almost anything!

Tips…iron your outfit, wear an undershirt when needed and please don’t show too much skin or cleavage!

#4 Practice Your Pose

Check out potential poses before your photo shoot. Most people look closed off when they cross their arms. Sometimes sitting is your best angle. And although it feels a bit awkward, the old “tata’s up” trick, used by sorority girls around the world, makes both women and men photograph better.

Before your professional session have a friend take some candids of you with different poses to determine what looks best for your body type, personality, and location.

Need inspiration?
Check out our Pinterest Poses for Men, Women, Business Partners or Teams.

Speaking of Groups…Beware of taking a structured photo of the whole gang together. To start with, getting a shot where everyone looks good is next to impossible. And I don’t know exactly why, however, it seems like the minute you all agree which photo to use, someone, jumps ship and is no longer part of the team. If you want a group photo, keep it casual and make it a candid.

#5 Last, but not least…

After your session, choose your favorite 3-4 shots. Create a poll on social media for an outside perspective and an easy and engaging post that is sure to get tons of engagement.