Seven Signs Your Site is Stuck in 2007


#1 Flashback, baby!

Flash was a great idea for about seven minutes. Then it wasn’t! Why? Google sees Flash as one big black hole. All those pretty images dancing across your screen mean nada if Google  cannot see them. Thankfully, modern websites can have the look of Flash with a simple slideshow that Google recognizes.

#2 Moving text banners!

Banners scrolling like this are just plain annoying! No one cares that you Googled “moving text,” copied some code and voilà, you’re a wannabe webmaster. It wasn’t cool then and it certainly is not cool now!

#3 Music

Unless you’re a band showcasing your latest tune, musical websites are a fad of the past and should not be a key element of your site. Chances are you will choose something you love but that annoys the crap out of 70 percent of your visitors. We all know what it’s like to be subjected to someone else’s idea of “music” on a long car ride. It does not make us happy campers. It just makes us want to escape! So leave the music to the musicians.

#4 Underlines under anything that is not a link

If there is a line under online text, your visitor thinks they should click on it. When they do and it goes to nowhere, they assume the site is broken. And if it’s broken, why would they want to be there? Underline text only when it’s linked to other pages.

Google can not read me

#5 All images and no live text

Sure, you can make your text look really pretty and include all sorts of fun colors in an image. However, if it’s not “live” text, Google cannot see it! And if Google does not see it, it cannot index it. If Google cannot index text, it cannot send people who might be searching for exactly what you have to your site. So use text in images sparingly.

#6 Not mobile responsive

In 2007, the Smartphone was a relatively new concept. In 2014, more and more folks use a mobile device as their source of news, email, texting, social media and web browsing.  With web browsing capabilities, many people look for homes on their smartphone. If your website is not mobile optimized, your clients will have a hard time navigating it AND, in some cases, Google will not even bring it up in the searches. Go Mobile or Go Home!

#7 No click to call

Imagine someone’s on a mobile device, finds a home they want to see and decides to call you. Now! If your phone number is not hot (meaning they can touch it and their phone will automatically dial you), you run the risk of really ticking them off. Or at least being annoyed when they do reach you after a three-minute search for scrap paper and a crayon. Make life easy! Make your number mobile ready!

So where do you stand? In 2007 or ready to rock and roll into 2015? Need help or want to fast-forward your website? Give us a shout at 602-476-8096 or email us.

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