Want More Traffic? Buy More Beer!

The first sentence most new clients tell me is, “I need to get more traffic to my site.” On the surface, this sounds like a reasonable request.

However, for most folks, getting more traffic does not guarantee more leads.

I love to throw a great party, so let’s use that as an example. Say you invite 10 friends over to watch the game on Sunday afternoon. You carefully select just the right mix of people that will be lively and fun without getting into a shouting match (or worse, a fist fight) if their team loses in the final seconds.

Game day rolls around and people show up.

The first few walk in and see you have no beer, peanuts or pretzels and quickly leave, heading to the closest sports bar.

A few folks hang around a bit and are even so bold as to peek inside your fridge to see if perhaps you are saving the goodies for halftime. After discovering your cupboards are bare, they too quickly hit the road.

The sad sacks who are left sit around, idly staring into space. There’s no talking, cheering or placing bets on the winning teams. They become bumps on a log!

At that moment, you begin to suspect the party might be a bust.

Until . . . you have inspiration! I know you think, let’s simply invite MORE people. The logic being that more people will add more life to the party.

Yet if you think about it for two seconds, you realize that inviting more people to a party with no beer is not the answer. The answer was clear all along.

If you are going to invite folks for a visit, you better be prepared to give them what they came for.

In the case of a party, it might be beer. In the case of your website, it’s quality content.

You see, most folks don’t come to your website to check the weather, see your new headshot, read about the top 10 reasons they should buy from you or, worst of all, be completely confused by the mess they find on your site.

They come to the party (AKA your website) to look at listings.

They want to see what they might want to buy OR they want to see what their home might be worth. In the best-case scenario, it’s both!

So the next time you send out the invite to your rockin’ shindig, don’t be a party pooper. Be an A+ host and make sure you stock the bar and fill the chip and dip bowls. You never know who will show up hungry and thirsty!

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